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Shop our Swimwear by Body Type

We celebrate women with various body shapes. We understand that all bodies are unique and our mission is to create swimwear that flatter all different body types. We want the women underneath the suits to feel flattered, supported, and their most confident. Let's dive into the various different female body types and recommend the perfect Swimwear for you!


Small Bust

We recommend a suit that enhances your bust and gives a lifting affect, patterns can be better than solids to achieve the desired look.

Bikinis: Moana, Leo, Tropicana

Bathing Suits: Rhea, Naranja


Full Bust

For you we created suits that both underline your sexy curves as well as provide comfort and support, so you will spend the day at ease not having to worry about anything. For you re recommend solids over prints.

Bikinis: Aura, Bella

Bathing Suits: Artemis, Olivia



We recommend suits that enhance both your top and bottom. Tops that have a push-up effect and bottoms that are cheeky. Both solids and prints look great on you.

Bikinis: Gaia, Aura, Bella

Bathing Suits: Elements, Artemis, Rhea


Pear Shaped

We recommend suits that draw attention to your upper body and bottoms that are high waisted and provide good coverage.

Bikinis: Gaia Brown, Gaia Eucalyptus

Bathing Suits: Artemis


If you would like a personal recommendation, please send your measurements and height to our customer service team so we can help you find the perfect bikini or one piece and size for your body type.

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